Robert J. Beirer


Komponist und Arrangeur-Poet

 For Example: Chordsymbols for Piano Nr 1-4 and "Bossa for the Street" and oher`s are for free.

Ich empfehle :Mein Tipp "My Standards and other compositions" (LS), for Example  "Have Patience" ( Mein Klavierspiel 2)

My Music

Mein Klavierspiel 2

Mein Klavierspiel 1

02 October 2021, News
I have added some Information about my curiculum Vitae.
12 May 2021, News
Boogie for free Download
this piece "The Life of a blue Frog" is for free. Difficulty is medium. F-majore.
23 March 2021, News
For Free Download
"Swing in the City"  for   Trumpet -Piano and Drums. refreshed "First Jazzpiece"  BRWV 22b  for free Download.